There Were Only 19

(Melody: Redgum, I Was Only 19)

Mum and Dad and Danny saw the Reclaim Oz parade at Fed Square Melbourne
The locals were quite unimpressed.
It was the Nazis‘ all-Australia tour and it was Victoria’s turn to host
There was much rejoicing on the Yarra when they left.

They were totally surrounded as they marched to vent their spleen
Got a few shots with my SLR, but none came out quite clean
Craned my neck over cops and counterdemo, and when I could finally see:
‚Oh fuck off – there are only nineteen‘

From the clearance of the Kimberley to the Manus Island camp
The fash had had cause to celebrate for months.
So they made themselves at home, self-assured, just like black mould in the damp
as it rallies with the mildew in your tub.

If they’re so anti-immigration, then can someone please explain
why they’re not down in Tulla getting onto the next plane?
And when I hear ‚rally‘ I expect something quite big in the main…
but I counted – there were only nineteen.

Day of bonehead masturbation – Anzac myths meet Riefenstahl on Alan Jones.
It was an effort not to vom.
But you had to keep your lunch down till the fash had buggered off
So you took a breath and told them just how you felt.

And then someone yelled out „Watch out!“, as the mounted coppers swarmed
to remind all those assembled whose side they are always on,
even so we still blocked quite a few of the friends of Golden Dawn.
Serenely – the Chocolate Buddha looked on.

And I can still see swastikas mingled with the Southern Cross
proving once again: historians they’re not.
And I can still see boneheads, looking downcast by the Yarra
‚Til they headed down to Flinders and fucked off.

And they never did explain how you reclaim what isn’t yours
speaking English and not Woiworung, with tattoos that looked Norse,
We were all well chuffed to see their backs; and then I had to laugh
‚cos stuff ‚em: There were only 19.