The Men Are Under Fire


CHORUS: Watch the fearsome fem’nist huns
Sign the letter one by one,
Surely you must realise,
The men are under fire!

In the comment threads of Facebook,
in the dark of early morn,
fem’nist succubi came running,
treating Frankie G with scorn.

Heedless of Higgins‘ plaintive verse,
which they called ‚pretentious shite‘,
they derided life’s great curse
of being straight and male and white.

It’s a worse fate than internment,
brutal as a Black and Tan.
No one with any discernment
Would share the fate of the straight white man.

Cruelly banished to the silence
Of an Irish Times op-ed,
They stand aghast as awful poems
Spew unbidden from their heads.


Proud we march behind their banner,
No matter what flows from their pen,
Greatly though the rest might suffer,
We’ll ask: What about the men?

On the fellas step together,
Fighting for their dearest right,
For no man is truly free
Unless he can be a gobshite.